Ed Oliver: Von Miller drawing attention will be good for me and defense as a whole

Von Miller said this week that he wants to be the piece that pushes the Bills over the hump from Super Bowl contenders to Super Bowl champions and he can reach that goal by doing more than racking up numbers by attacking opposing quarterbacks off the edge.

Miller’s presence will change the way teams align their blocking on a weekly basis. If he draws double teams, it will leave fewer blockers to tangle with the rest of the defense.

For defensive lineman Ed Oliver, that sounds like it will work out well for Buffalo.

“I will play on the other side, you all go over there and block him, I will go on the other side. It will be good not only for me but the defense as a whole. He is a big time player so they will key in on him and it will take attention off me. It will help me,” Oliver said, via Brian Chojnacki of WGRZ.

The list of AFC contenders is shaping up to be a deep and competitive one for the 2022 season and there’s little doubt that Miller’s choice to sign in Buffalo will have a role in how everything winds up at the end of the season.